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# 1466801187   Forsaken at home, 2004
fabric on cardboard, oil, 233x402 mm (9.17"h x15.83"w) |
This is a typical view of nowaday situation in Moldavian villages - forsaken, dilapidated houses, wandering hens, wild grass growing everywhere. Many people abandon their houses and farms in quest for a new job abroad. Majority of them even doesnt think to ever come back as it would mean to return to the stone age. I've been painting this house two more times (those paintings can be found at my site, too) when there were people living. At this time, however, this is just an imitation of the house without a back wall. Dont really know why I made this sad painting, but I knew this house very well so I couldnt have insensibly passed it by.

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